Well, well. It may not look it, but i've been pretty busy since the last update. I've completed an animation for Tomorrows Nobody and currently doing the character designs for a second one, all of which you'll see in due course. I've also started a deviant art account so i can work on my drawing techniques the fruits of which can be seen below.... and it's working! I feel like i'm making so real head way to becoming a better artist. YAY! As ever, it's all go! Click here for my Deviant Art Goodness


Happy New Year! Heres a nice new Life study to kick us off :) Also some loverly Valentines Cards... seen as i'm in the lovin' mood ;)


Fun times with Metallica :)


I was cleaning up the archives today, when i realised i've got 2 issues of 'This Metal' that i never put up... on my own site of all things! Both have the theme of being kind of late. One of them is several hair cuts too late and the other is a relationship too late, but for what they are, i still enjoy them. So much so that i drew another one for the occation :) Oldest to newest, linked below:


Okay! We've got a new drawing for the life drawing section, and 2 new sketches for the Sketch Dump. One is a caricature of David Sapp of TN and David Forgets fame. The other is a storyboard sample of a project i've been working on called: World of Fear. In additional news, it seems RipeTv have been showing my work.. twice no-less, so big kudos to them. :) Also i've put up a bunch of stuff of Youtube, so check that out... links below.

RipeTv My Youtube account


Been a while, but a productive while none the less. TN6 (as animated by YOURS TRUELY!) is finally complete and should be premired either later in the year at the San Diego Comic-Con or at the relaunch of the Tommorows Nobody site. Either way, exciting stuff, i'm sure you'll agree! If that wasn't enough, we've got 2 new drawings in the Sketch Dump and and other life drawing (See links below). The "one with the tattoos" is dedicated to Mr and Mrs. Steed who where married last weekend. Congratulations!


Well it's been a while huh?! Happy to say i've been busy. In the Sketch Dump today we've got some Character sheets for an Animation i'm producing which will be refured to as WOF... intereguing stuff! Big shout out to and Ali Sabet, whose site is a wonder to behold. You sir, have made me a very happy artist ^__^


A quick update today. One detailed life study in the Life Drawing section. Enjoy!


I've got two more life studies for the Life Drawing section of the gallery. These latest drawings are more anitomical in nature, as i do tend to get bogged down with the details. I'm pretty happy eith how these are progressing. Also i've got a new sketch fo the Sketch Dump of some dancing guy. Enjoy!


A new illustration for the sketch dump and some life studies for the Life drawing section, dontchaknow! Enjoy!


Good things come to those who wait! We've got another This Metal comic in the Sketch Dump, as well as the concept designs for my recent Vincent Price animation. Also there 2 more life studies in the Life Drawings Gallery. Enjoy!


Have you met my friend, the enigmatic Vincent Price? Well, be sure to check out the Video section for this new animated short. Big thanks to the the Guys and Gals at for there continued support and kind words. If you you dont know by now, "" is THE biggest 2D community on the internet and a nest of talent. Go to the links section to check them out. Also a big shout out to my good friend Soni and fellow AF'er "Wullie" whose also in the links section. Enjoy!


Merry 2007! Starting the year as i mean to go on, there is a new life study in the gallery and a illustration, of a women about to get her hands pierced no less, in the Sketch-Dump!


More Life Studies with this sketch of singer, Henry Rollins. I'm pushing to get more life drawings on this site, and i think i'm off to a farely good start with this one. More soon!

Huzzah! I'm back from BAF 2006. It was a brilliant experience, and certainly better than last year in terms of networking. There’s also a new showreel I cut for the Fest, so if you didn’t get a copy at the time, one is available in the Video section.

Big thanks to Jamie Badminton for helping Mary and Me win the Toonhead Quiz…. And by helped, I mean did most of the work!

Alan Gilbey for being a fantastic host.

Andreas Hykade for saying what needed to be said when others would not.

Kath Shackleton and Zane Whittingham for generally hanging around with us.

Phill Slater, who returned as a friendly face and all round nice bloke.

The mysterious “Philipa” who I met at the bar and I thought was cute.

And last but not least Mary Webster and Ben Healy for being the best friends a guy could ever ask for.

Heres the walk cycle i'm working on for my showreel. It's all very rough at the moment, but i'll have it looking nice and tweeked soon. Enjoy
Click here for a sneak preview.


Another new sketch for the lifedrawing gallery, and certainly one of my best so far....

...And another comic page for the sketch dump. It'll soon be November and you know what that means? Bradford Animation Festival time! I'm feaverishly working away at improving my showreel, as i will be on an all out charm offensive. It's time you grease some palms and open some doors!


A new sketch for the lifedrawing gallery....

...And a comic page for the sketch dump. I'm not sure if this'll be a regular feature or not, but it seems to me that alot of my fellow animators have done similar things in the past, and it's certainly cant hurt. Enjoy!


More Illustration madness with Sky Girl, who can be seen in the Sketchdump! Sky Girl was inked by hand instead of digital inking, before being CG'd in Photoshop and Coral Paint. I think it turned out pretty good! Enjoy....

The HUGHLY successful TN5 ( is finally out and a pick of the best backgrounds can be found on the Commissions page


A new T-Shirt Design in the Commisions dept. Nice and Spicey! All the backgrounds are done for TN5 and should premire at Comic-Con (July 19-23), so grab your tickets while you still can. The backgrounds for TN5 are definatly the best yet, so i'll be showing them on the commisions page after the internet premire. Thats all for now... Tat-tar!


More sketch dump madness. I've been working on and off on this one for a month now. Every time I tried to finish it, I had to use a new technique, which just delayed the process even more! The one thing I'm most proud of is that the metal in this picture is REAL metal. I've actually integrated photos of metal into the picture. I'm defiantly happy with the results... enjoy!
I'm working on the backgrounds for TN5 now….. I know your gonna enjoy them!

Well, well, well! Things do seem pretty busy at the moment. I'm now the permanent background artist for Tomorrow's Nobodies A very funny cartoon series, so I recommend you check it out. The backgrounds can be seen on the Commissions page And if that wasn't enough, i've been asked to design the logo for a up and coming Cloths Company. I'll post that up when i'm finished. No time to rest though, I've got the backgrounds for episode 5 of Tomorrow's Nobodies to go over. Phew.... so much to do! ^__^

First: A big thanks to everyone one whose been voting for me in the Greastest Story Never Told comp. Your support is quit frankly amazing... thank you very much!
Second: Here's another picture for the Sketch Dump. Almost a sequal to the the Ramones picture, i wondered how Shiva would have looked at the hight of 80's power dressing. I'm starting to get used to drawing wacom tablet, so i'll really try and push my self for the next one. Striving for exellence baby!

Another Illustration for the SketchDump. This ones not as polished as the others, but it's got a nice child like charm!

Fantastic news! I've just got into the Top 20 animations at The Greatest Story Never Told Comp. and i'm over the moon! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.... well i can dream cant i!

Another Illustration for the SketchDump. This ones not as polished as the others, but it's got a nice child like charm!


Another illustration in the Sketchdump. This one took longer, as i was trying out different methods of colouring. I was considering adding speech bubbles, but i think it'd be more fun for you to guess whats being said!


Another illustration in the Sketchdump. Are these things getting easier!?! Was trying to think of the worst job ever. The musics great, but people who order kiss-a-grams are people who you really wouldn't want to kiss! Rock on!


More updates. Theres a new showreel in the video section, 2 new illustrations, 6 new backgrounds and 1 life drawing in the gallery. The above picture is a preview of an illustration i'm working on, that should be inked and coloured by the weekend.


Cheers to everone who came to the Bradford Animation Festival. It was great!

Merry X-Mas everyone! The animation i'm hoping to enter into "The Greatest Story Never Told" compertion is finally complete. Enjoy.... Shiva: Postal Worker:Another day in a deadend job....
Some more life drawing to come soon as well......

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